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Avaya IP Office SoftConsole™



IP Office SoftConsole—SoftConsole is the PC-based operator console that provides a visible display of call information and PC-based call handling. IP Office SoftConsole enables phone operators/receptionists to answer, route and manage incoming calls from the screen of their PCs. It also provides login options for back-up operator PCs. IP Office SoftConsole users can simultaneously view caller information, directory information (for point-and-click routing), held calls and company-wide phone status.

IP Office SoftConsole GUI

IP Office SoftConsole enables operators to view users by the groups they are members of. At a quick glance the operator can see who is available to take your customers important call

IP Office SoftConsole GUI

Operators are also able to view the status the company's call queue to make sure your contacts are being helped as fast as possible.

IP Office SoftConsole GUI

The PC-based Windows operator console has been specifically designed to benefit businesses through improved operator service. Deployment of the IP Office SoftConsole provides the operator with the correct information to prioritize call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller. At the same time, the operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and so ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner, enhancing the image of the company.

Business Benefits:

  Check   Simple point and click access to commonly used communications features
  Check   Enhances productivity
  Check   Supports more effective call handling—increasing customer satisfaction


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