30 Years of the World Wide Web: A Detailed Timeline

May 31st, 2019 Posted by Marketing, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), Technology 0 thoughts on “30 Years of the World Wide Web: A Detailed Timeline”

“30 years may seem like an eternity, but in the realm of history, it’s just the blink of an eye. Check out this cool infographic to uncover the brief 30-year history of The World Wide Web.”

– Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Hard to imagine but “The World Wide Web” was conceived only 30 years ago, in March 1989! It was the brainchild of British engineer and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who then went on to create HTTP, HTML, a browser and WYSIWYG editor for webpages, and later the URL structure we now know. Little did Berners-Lee know that his original vision would forever alter the way the world shops, communicates and goes about almost everything in our daily lives.

This brief insight and fun infographic by Vahe Habeshian for MarketingProfs reveal the history of The World Wide Web and its unparalleled growth into the fabric of our society.

Bonus link! Here is a fun piece from FastCompany about MIT cracking the code on the internet time capsule MIT just cracked open historic time capsule

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