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Bluetooth and Wired Headsets



XCLUTEL provides Avaya and Plantronics headsets that range in features and functionality. From Bluetooth to standard wired headsets, XCLUTEL can outfit your organization with just the right combination of comfort and mobility to make you more productive. See all of the headsets we offer in PDF form to the right.

Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth Headsets from XCLUTEL

Plantronics headsets are ideal for unified communications applications, web conferencing and other PC telephony applications. Office workers can now benefit from the communications gold standard for durability, lightweight performance and comfort for accessing telephony through a PC. The hands-free mobility provided by the headset enables professionals to accomplish simultaneous tasks that fill the work day, such as typing an IM or e-mail, or researching on the internet, while on a call.


Plantronics Voyager ABT-35H Headset

If you are looking for performance, look no further than the Plantronics Voyager family of Bluetooth headsets. Whether you are in the car, on the train, or in an airport, you can tune out the world and focus on what’s important - clear conversations, professional sounding business calls, or even full-spectrum stereo music. Gain hands-free convenience, making it easier to talk and stay focused on the road or other tasks. The Voyager family also lets you multi-task, with the ability to stay connected with two mobile devices—like a personal phone and a business phone.

Avaya's Encore Sound-Enhancing Wired Headset


For the standard high-volume office user XCLUTEL offers Avaya's Encore Sound-Enhancing Wired Headset


One-Ear Version, with thin voicetube microphone. For telephone mavens who are truly selective about audio quality. Combines padded comfort with tone control that significantly reduces fatigue by tuning out offensive frequencies.


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